Friday, March 30, 2007

What's a Flush?

STRIP #100
Well, the strip itself wasn't anything special, but it was the 100th strip! And look, +EV is now being translated into Russian, as well as Hungarian.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Missing Lee Jones

Lee Jones taught me how to play poker through his book "Winning Low Limit Hold'em," the first poker book I ever read. On Sunday night he announced that he was quitting his job as PokerStars Poker Room Manager. A lot of people love and hate Lee, praising his name when they're running well on Stars and cursing it when they take bad beats. I've always been a fan of his overall and I'm sorry to see him go.

Look for a special +EV on Friday, since it will be the 100th strip! Haven't written it yet (gotta do that right now), so here's to hoping it'll actually be something special.

Monday, March 26, 2007



Had a fun +EV tourney yesterday, with FastFourier busting me for the bounty and alpendog winning the event and the comic book that goes along with it! This was alpendog's third +EV win, which certainly calls for an interview . . .

BOBBY: Tell me a little about yourself.

alpendog: I reside in Portland, Oregon, but am originally from Northern Virginia. I don't work for Nike but they pay my bills. Besides poker, I enjoy non-mathematical particle physics stuff and natural light photography (no flash or filters). Since I just landed a job with a commercial graphics company I should soon have high-quality prints available for sale when I build a website (shameless self-promotion).

BOBBY: When did you start playing poker and what's your greatest accomplishment so far in the game?

alpendog: I began playing poker on a regular basis during the 2003 WSOP telecasts. Several years of freerolls and play-chip grinding ensued. And while being a play-chip multi-millionaire and having won a few real money MTTs is nice, my greatest accomplishment is having built my bankroll to a point where I can rail Bax and sheets and Annette_15.

BOBBY: What's your favorite +EV comic?

alpendog: I would have to say the one where Scarlet bets her schoolmate that Corbin can't count to 20. That or the "How to play QQ on the flop?" license plate, definitely something I would do.

BOBBY: This is your third time winning the +EV tourney. No one else even has two wins. How have you been able to so thoroughly dominate your competition?

alpendog: Well, it's a combination of factors that go into any tourney win. One is to play sickeningly tight at points while at others mind-bogglingly LAG. Then I have to consider who has half my action for the day. For example, the Kings Union (subset of the Teamsters) had my action today, therefore I sucked out twice with a King heads up to win. As a bonus I will be posting today's HH on PXF.

BOBBY: Anything else you'd like to tell the fans?

alpendog: In all +EV tourneys there is a turducken bounty in effect. Pocket ducks are nice, but when a third shows up on the board, well, 3 layers of poultry are just marvelous, just like a turducken. Which, in case anyone is wondering, is a chicken stuffed in a duck, which is then stuffed in a turkey. So if anyone busts out of the +EV weekly with a turducken (set of deuces) I will ship $5.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Not a Problem

"You just got your bitch ass chumped" was a crazy line in an episode of Studio 60, which I imagine is Clancy's favorite TV show. Thank you, Aaron Sorkin.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Scarlett Hates Donkey

I like this one.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Corbin's Comic

My comment about the last strip was "Corbin is stupid," which also applies to this one, and almost all +EV comics so far. For those who don't know, muck = fold.

Adam Junglen, star of this +EV strip, won the $200+15 heads up MTT on Stars a few hours ago for $13,824. Not only that, but he had also won seven heads up matches in a row prior to the tourney, for 15 straight wins total! Read all about it in his blog, and show him some support in in this 2+2 thread!

We had a fun +EV tourney on Sunday, with dassto from Berlin winning the bounty and first place, including the comic book that goes along with it!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Poker Blog

Corbin is stupid.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hand History

I think this one could have been good if written well, but it's just a bit too weird. Couldn't think of the right situation for the "need the hand history" joke.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My Best Friend

I knew I wanted to do a strip about Corbin being sick, since I was just extremely sick for a week, and the first thing that popped into my head was that Big Blind was simply a fever-induced hallucination. But who knows, maybe Violet was mistaken and Corbin did go to the doctor and meet a man named Big Blind, and maybe if you're lucky you'll get to read about him in the 2013 version of +EV. You're welcome.

We had an awesome +EV tourney on Sunday, with MoobaS busting me for the bounty, Telma123 winning the whole thing and the comic that goes with it, and Dantalion, otherwise known as Dr. Ashen, finishing second, even though he's almost never played poker! Here's an interview with the doctor himself!

BOBBY: Tell me a little about yourself.

DR. ASHEN: I'm Dr. Stuart Ashen, and I play poker as "Dantalion". Mostly I'm known for being that foul-mouthed British guy who reviews crappy gadgets on YouTube.

BOBBY: When did you start playing poker and what has been your biggest accomplishment so far in the game?

DR. ASHEN: I've never really started playing poker! I've played occasionally in the +EV tournaments online, and once or twice in real life. I've probably played about 12 times in total. This total lack of experience, coupled with my rudimentary understanding of the game, means I'm pretty useless. In fact, I'm probably the ultimate combination of donkey and fish. A fishkey!

My biggest -- and only -- accomplishment is coming second tonight in the +EV tournament. It was absolutely down to blind luck. If a decent player had the cards I was dealt, they could have won the whole tournament in 7 seconds flat and gone on to become President of Algeria.

BOBBY: What's your favorite +EV comic?

DR. ASHEN: February 28, 2007. It's all in the faces -- +EV characters always have excellent facial expressions, but Tiger Claw really outdid himself there. The third panel where Corbin looks into the future with a mixture of all-seeing wisdom and hard-set loathing, whilst Violet shouts in angry disbelief, is perfect. Great pay-off in the last panel too.

BOBBY: How did you manage to stay focused during all the swings of the marathon heads up battle, and did it destroy your soul when your K4 lost to 96 in that hand that would have won the match for you?

DR. ASHEN: Unfortunately I didn't stay focused. The stress got to me and I was constantly twitching and screaming, pausing only to vomit in terror when I went all-in. Also, I wet my pants so many times that I had to be treated for dehydration when the tournament ended.

The K4 loss...? I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of chips cried out in anguish and then were silenced.

BOBBY: Anything else you'd like to tell the fans?

DR. ASHEN: It's later than you think.

Thank you, Dr. Ashen! He's hilarious. Be sure to check out his site.

And hey, click here to read an interview with Sunday's +EV tourney winner Telma123, who just submitted his answers!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bad Beat Butler

This is the worst week ever of +EV, and last Friday's strip sucked too, so four bad ones in a row. Hopefully I'll think of a good one for Monday. This was the last Big Blind comic, by the way. I'll blame my illness on this horrible week of strips.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Breaking Butlers

Poor butlers.

I'm still extremely sick. Very sad. Definitely gonna have the +EV tourney still on Sunday -- same details as always.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Big Blind

Appropriate name. Look for more of Big Blind on Wednesday, and possibly Friday.

I've been super sick since Friday morning. Million different things. Just typing this is making me throw up, literally.

Had a fun +EV tourney yesterday, with tollefishy busting me for the bounty and Enderclone winning the event and the comic book that goes along with it! Click here to read the interview I conducted with Enderclone upon completion of the tourney.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Best Scam Ever

For those who don't get this strip, some guy found the name of a person that Annette Obrestad (top ranked player) would say she knew and was trustworthy when asked, and that person is Einar Lunde (click for photo!), a well respected Norwegian television news anchor! Lots of people have been getting scammed lately, with threads like these popping up all the time, and I'm just doing my service to the poker community by warning you about the very likely Einar Lunde scam!

By the way, I imagine Corbin's conversation with Annette went like this, probably while she was at some final table --

PlusEV: hey, annette, you know einar lunde?
Annette_15: yes
PlusEV: would you say he's trustworthy?
Annette_15: very
PlusEV: thanks!

And then Annette shakes her head in confusion and goes on to somehow win the tournament after being befuddled like that.