Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beautiful Tunica, Mississippi

I wonder if Tunica really is beautiful. I'll have to go there one day! For those of you who aren't sure, all three of those places are holding major poker tournaments soon. And Violet is reffering to their Aruba trip. I really like Corbin's expression in the second panel. Very Australian looking.

I just finished 7th in what I think is the first Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low MTT that I've ever played. It's my 8th final table since December 10. It was a $50+5 buy-in with just 85 players and I got $233.75 for 7th. Also, on a crazy whim last night I played a $100+5 heads up Omaha Hi/Low SNG (fixed limit) against a great player named tooothy, who had won at least eight straight heads up SNGs prior to that (thanks,, and I beat him! Really liking Omaha Hi/Low now.