Monday, December 18, 2006

My Hero

This is one of my favorite strips. Love it.

I just got back from playing poker with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Had a great time. I got two pocket pairs in six hours (44 and 99) and didn't win either hand, and I was the most card dead I've ever been in my poker career, but somehow only finished down $48. I gave Kevin a copy of the +EV comic book (click to order!). Kevin was the big winner on the night, up like $1,000! He did buy us all pizza, though. Seems like a great guy. I might tell more about the game later, but I'm too tired right now.

24 people showed up for the 12th +EV tourney yesterday, including Annette_15, the third ranked player on Pocket Fives. She finished 8th, while Dantalion busted me for the bounty and cwright2 won the whole thing, including the comic book, which I'll be shipping to him today.

On Friday night I finished second in a $6,000 guaranteed Pot Limit Omaha $10 rebuy tournament on Ultimate Bet. I was in for $21 and won $960, although it should have easily been a win for $1,620. Got heads up about even in chips and on one of the first hands we get it all-in pre-flop and I'm a 65% favorite and then I'm drawing dead on the turn. $660 bad beat right there. So painful. I've still never won a significant tourney. That would have been my new biggest cash ever too. Click the image to see the tourney lobby. I'm Pupkin on UB.