Monday, December 04, 2006

Good Game, Sir

50 comics, hooray! I probably should have done something special for the 50th strip, but perhaps an appearance by Kevin Smith counts as special enough in today's strange comic. I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith's blog at, especially the early days when he'd talk about all the mundane details of his daily life, which mostly involved pooping while doing things on the internet. He's also a big reason why I got into poker, because reading about him playing poker on Ultimate Bet is what got me to finally sign up for a poker site and play, and UB was my first site. I don't know Kevin's UB name, but I know the name of Jason Mewes and I've played against him a couple times.

22 players showed up for yesterday's +EV tourney and it was tehmac who stole the show, knocking me out in 5th place for the bounty and going on to win the tournament and the first issue of the +EV comic book, which will be on sale soon on this site, probably Wednesday!