Friday, December 01, 2006

No Cash Games

Yes, almost every strip is about Princess Amazia now. She's just that amazing, and she'll get her own comic eventually at!

Speaking of new comics, click the button below to vote for +EV and see the first page of my new comic, Last Blood.

The pages will start running on soon. +EV finished in the top 20 for November, so let's go for the top 10 this month! Vote!

And make sure you play in the +EV tournament on Sunday at 3 PM ET! $5 buy-in, $5 bounty on my head, first place wins the +EV comic book! All details HERE!

BIG NEWS: The first issue of the +EV comic book has finally arrived from the printers! They're at my old place in South Dakota now, but they were just sent Priority Mail to me and should arrive Monday or Tuesday. We'll put up an order form on the site soon for those who want to buy it, and I'll be shipping books to the winners of the +EV tourneys as soon as possible (Wednesday at the latest). The second issue (reprinting strips #25-48) will be sent to the printers soon. If you want to open your mailbox and find a free copy of the first issue on Friday or Saturday of next week, all you have to do is enter this Sunday's +EV tourney and win it!