Monday, November 20, 2006

Need Another Laptop

I like this one! And hey, I'm in Vegas! I played a tourney at the Sahara last night and donked off all my chips about three hours in. Fun to play a live tourney, though. I'll write more about it later probably. Funniest moment of the tourney, for me at least, was when I was talking to an old guy sitting next to me and he asked to see my PokerXFactor card cover (click for photo). He was about 70 and he had to put on his "eyes" (glasses) to read where it said He gave it back to me and I said, "It's a good web site." He said, "Oh, I gave up on that stuff years ago." But the thing is, I never said it was a training site and it's not at all evident by the name that it's a training site, so I think he just meant that he gave up on the internet in general years ago.

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