Friday, November 03, 2006

Lucky Cat

I don't like today's strip, but Monday's will be much better. I just put up a new BONUS COMIC for those of you who vote for +EV at Top Web Comics. Click the button below to discover where Violet works in today's never before seen strip.

This comic (vote to see) was originally supposed to run on the site in August, but I wasn't happy with the writing or the art. I plan to tell a more complete story of how Corbin and Violet met soon.

Getting back to today's Lucky Cat strip, I do like having another reference to Princess Amazia, who Scarlett dressed up as for Halloween. I just bought and I'm considering starting up a Princess Amazia comic, with the goal of getting its own animated TV show!

Click here to see a screen capture of this site's statistics, showing that the last 20 visitors came from 13 different countries (notice the flags on the right). I keep wanting to catch a moment where all 20 came from different countries.

And hey, I almost forgot -- don't forget to play in the sixth weekly +EV private tournament on Sunday! All the details are in this thread in the forums!