Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hello, Dolly!

Look, a kitty! I'm not a big fan of cats (dog person), but Scarlett loves them, so hopefully she's found a good friend in Dolly. For those of you who don't know, the hand ten-deuce is known as the Doyle Brunson, whose nickname is Texas Dolly, because in both of his World Series of Poker Main Event wins he held ten-deuce on the final hand, making a full house each time. I'd like to thank +EV fan Sanna for suggesting the idea for this comic.

I just joined Top Web Comics, a site that ranks comics based on voting, so please click on the button below to vote for +EV!

After you confirm your vote, you'll get a special treat, a NEW +EV COMIC, never before seen. It's basically a deleted comic, since I decided it wasn't good enough to run on the site after it was made in August. I also wanted to introduce Violet's job in a different way, which will hopefully happen soon.

In other news, I just got the cover from the artist for the first issue of Last Blood, the new comic that I'll be starting up soon on Click the image below to check out the full cover by Owen Gieni, who also draws Sore Thumbs. I look forward to working with him more on this project.

Don't forget to play in the sixth weekly +EV private tournament on Sunday! All the details are in this thread in the forums!

And speaking of the forums, start posting there! We've had lots of comments for recent blog posts, as many as 20 for one last week, but the forums are dead. So I'm disabling comments now in the blog and forcing you to post in the forums! I'll start a thread for each strip from now on, so you can comment there.