Monday, November 06, 2006

Bye, Dolly!

I like this one. I sure hope that something happens on Wednesday to allow Scarlett to keep Dolly, though!

Want to see Tiger Claw's first sketch of the +EV characters? Including a brand new character who I ended up not using in the comics? Just click the button below and confirm your vote to see!

The short kid between Corbin and Violet is named Scotty. He was originally going to be Corbin's main poker buddy. Wednesday's voting image will reveal what was almost the first +EV strip, which showed how Corbin and Scotty met, so come back for that.

Yesterday's sixth +EV tourney had a lot of new faces, and I hope to see even more of you next Sunday! L8Bloomer won the tournament and the first issue of the +EV comic book, while K3n4t knocked me out in 17th place for the $11 bounty.

Here's a cool screen capture from Saturday showing that the last 20 visitors to came from 14 different countries (flags on the right). One of these days I'll catch a moment where all 20 came from different countries!