Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Returning Poker Presents

Today's strip features Adam Junglen, who also helped write it. He's a great young player who writes a nice blog at We were talking on IMs and he said he was annoyed by all the poker related Christmas gifts he got, which led to the writing of this comic.

I had another final table on Ultimate Bet tonight (Tuesday), but also another 7th place finish, ugh. No bad beats in this one, though, but had some horrendous beats in my other tourneys tonight, like AA losing to AQ all-in pre-flop in my biggest event of the night, the $30 rebuy. I've now had seven final tables on UB in the past 16 days, and 15 cashes for a total of about $4,000. It's all starting to come together, and now I'm just waiting for that one BIG score to really get me going.