Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Eat Shit and Die

I might like this strip even more than Monday's. Two winners in a row, in my opinion! And Friday's is all right too. Good week! Oh, and take special notice of Dolly's expressions in this strip. Love it.

I spent most of my birthday (Tuesday) reading this amazing thread, the most popular thread I've ever seen on any forum ever. I'm not even done with it yet and I've been reading it off and on for like 12 hours. Do yourself a favor and read the first post, then keep in mind that eventually in the thread there comes word that Brandi wrote a suicide note in her own blood on a bathroom door that said "I will fly one day." It made the whole day worth it reading that! I told Brandi about +EV shortly after she hit the poker scene big time a couple months ago and she wished me luck with the comic.

On Monday night I had a huge chip lead in the $4,000 guaranteed $3 rebuy tourney on Ultimate Bet for like two hours, but went card dead at the end and entered the final table third out of 10 and horribly busted in 6th when my KJ was no good against KT and my Q4 (short stack push with 10 big blinds) was somehow called by JT (for half his stack) and also lost.