Monday, December 25, 2006

All-In Baby!

Merry Christmas to all! Babies are fun.

Too much to talk about today! I'm in one of the worst moods ever right now, because I just made possibly my biggest final table ever and was 2nd in chips going in and then finished 7th after losing three big all-ins where I was a big favorite and got rivered twice and lost on the turn in the other. 1st paid $5,400 and 7th paid $1,000, ugh, not even my biggest cash ever ($1,200). Nightmare.

It was the $30 rebuy $20K guaranteed on Ultimate Bet. I was in for $63 with no rebuy and one add-on, so a profit of $937 for the tourney, but should have been a crazy ton more. In the last four days I've had three final table bubbles (11th place finishes on UB where 10 people make the FT), but I've also had three final tables, and a few other top 20 finishes. So six top 11 finishes in four days, in about 25 tourneys, and I think 10 top 20s. So I'm playing some great poker, but just can't get the big scores, can't get the luck when I need it.

In other news, the +EV tourney got 20 people to show up on Christmas Eve, which was surprising. Drarr won the tourney (and the comic book that goes along with it) and wired_c4 busted me for the bounty. We also played a flipament, my first ever, which I won! I wish I was a luck sack in something other than flipaments!

And in HUGE NEWS, my new comic, Last Blood, launches today! It's about vampires protecting the last surviving humans from zombies so they can live off their blood. I plan to direct an independent film of it in 2007, and I've already got some investors lined up without even actively seeking any yet. CLICK HERE to see the first strip, and click the image on the left to see the cover by artist Owen Gieni.