Friday, September 29, 2006


Always good to have Violet in a bikini! The idea of having different suits on swimsuits was suggested to me by Kristen of It's not done yet, but Monday's strip might end up being my favorite. It's another crazy one like the Negreanu shoots Matusow comic. (The crazy strip was moved back to Wednesday.)

Ultimate Bet has a big annual tournament in Aruba every year and it's going on right now. Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy of is 4th in chips with 27 left, and another one of my favorite players, Annette_15, finished 36th for $12,415. I sure wish I was there! Next year for sure.

Speaking of PokerXFactor, they just released the training videos that feature the final table of the September PXF subscribers only tournament, which I finished 4th in. The players who made the final table sent in their hand histories and PXF's resident pros, JohnnyBax and Sheets, recorded an audio commentary while watching a replay of the final table with all hole cards visible. It's really educational to hear them talk about what each player should do in each situation, especially since the players very often do something else! I made a couple mistakes at this final table, mostly from playing too tight, but JohnnyBax literally applauded one play I made, the only time he clapped during the whole video! My name is Snagglefood on PokerStars, and when I busted out (my A7 lost to KT), Bax said, "Good game, Snaggle. Snaggle played good." And Sheets said, "He played well, he played well." They're pretty harsh on some players, labeling them as donkeys even, so it was really nice to hear that, although I think I could have played better.

Don't forget to play in the first weekly +EV tournament on Sunday afternoon! All details are in this thread in the forums.


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