Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Say Goodbye to Harold

Our long national nightmare ends today with the fifth and final Harold strip (click here for the first). If you read Monday's strip you may be wondering why Harold didn't try to see Violet that day, since he apparently loves her. I think it's because Monday's strip took place a couple weeks or so after he won all the money, and in that time he became a changed man. Harold went from the sheltered life of a middle-class family in a small town to having $1.5 million on his own in L.A. He went from having one friend who he worshipped to having hundreds of people act like they worship him. Doesn't take long in that environment to forget about your old life, and he probably forgot all about Violet after sleeping with a dozen strippers or so. Hmm, I think I should just rename the comic "Harold" and make it all about his life in Vegas!

In today's strip Harold is being interviewed after winning the Legends of Poker WPT event at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, and coincidentally the final table of that event will be played later today. As I write this, there's nine players left, with Hoyt Corkins leading and Scotty Nguyen and John Juanda still alive. I'm rooting for Scotty to take it down. More entertaining to watch that way, and I'm a fan of his.

Rizen has a good article up on Pocket Fives today about how to spot and attack weakness. I highly recommend it.


Blogger Gath said...

Harold swimming in money is a comic I want to see!

8/30/2006 9:48 AM  
Blogger PenaltyMan said...

It'd definitely be better than seeing Harold scratch himself, that's for sure.

Another sweet comic for sure! :D

8/30/2006 3:53 PM  
Blogger Bobby Crosby said...

Glad you like it, and yeah, I want to see Harold swimming in money too! Like Scrooge McDuck! We might have to wait for the "+EV" cartoon show to see that.

8/30/2006 4:09 PM  
Blogger Gath said...

Only if Harold gets three respectively coloured nephews and a robot butler.

Can you say best spin-off series ever?

8/31/2006 5:10 PM  

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