Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Current Chip Leader in $25K Tourney

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Current Chip Leader
My name is Pupkin on Ultimate Bet and I entered this tournament as an alternate, the last alternate, wasn't seated until about 42 minutes in, and 15 minutes later I was the big chip leader after doubling up twice and busting another player. And now I'm winning almost every hand after the break, using my big stack wisely. I'm up to 14,300 now, leading by almost 4,000. Very early, though. $6,500 goes to the winner. My biggest cash ever was $1,200 a couple months ago. I'll update my progess in this post.

9:33 EST -- 17,635 chips now, second place has 13,000. I would be over 20,000 if not for a bad beat (my A7 lost to A3 -- 3 on river).

10:13 EST -- 14th place out of 90 left now at the second break. Had a couple tough hands.

10:31 EST -- 6th out of 74 left. Chip leader at my table again with 14K and now I have pocket aces. Damn, I flopped a set of aces and almost won a HUGE pot, but this guy didn't cooperate. Up to 16K, 4th place.

10:40 EST -- 4th out of 62 left and I'm over 20,000 chips for the first time! Feels like it should be even more, though.

11:11 EST -- 7th out of 38 now with 23K. Top 30 pays.

11:33 EST -- 16th out of 28 -- in the money at least! Buy-in was $100+9 and now I'm guaranteed at least $162.50.

12:03 a.m. EST -- Out in 20th when my Ace-King gets called by P0ker H0's pocket fours. Flop came Q Q Q and his fours held up. Would have been top five in chips if I won the hand. 20th paid $175, profit of $66 for almost four hours of work. Really frustrated. This was supposed to finally be my big score. Oh well. I was up $320 in $1/2 Pot Limit Omaha earlier today, so it's still one of my top 20 best days ever in poker (playing about a year).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That hurts, looking at the bright side... at least you ended in the money, of course... not the same as winning the whole thing... but still... get there eventually...

Sash (ps. comic is great)

8/24/2006 6:35 AM  
Blogger Bobby Crosby said...

Thanks, Sash!

8/24/2006 9:10 PM  

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