Monday, May 21, 2007

The Degenerate

STRIP #122
Corbin is retarded.

Had a fun +EV tourney yesterday, with EvilAngel666 busting me for the bounty and my friend Sanna (SurfChix on Stars) winning the event and the comic book that goes along with it! I sent her some interview questions after the tourney and she says she answered them while intoxicated after some victory drinking!

BOBBY: Tell us a little about yourself.

SANNA: I am a Swede (genetically I should be great at poker, right?) living in the UK with my other half. We love going on holidays and are planning on a visit to Vegas in October.

BOBBY: When did you start playing poker and what's your greatest accomplishment so far in the game?

SANNA: I've played for about 2 years and playing $200NL on Party before gambling was banned in the US was certainly my most profitable accomplishment!...Weeeeee-wise winning +EV is pretty cool...My best place so far was 2nd in the Ohmaha H/L +EV tourney...maybe I shouldn't play holdem???

BOBBY: What's your favorite +EV comic?

SANNA: Anything with Dolly the cat as she is boooootiful.

BOBBY: This is your first time winning the +EV tourney in at least 20 attempts. How does it feel to finally break through for the win and do you think the game change to HORSE contributed to your victory?

SANNA: Sitting out for pretty much the first round whilst we were having dinner lulled everyone into a false sense of security I think.
BOBBY: Anything else you'd like to tell the fans?

SANNA: Winners don't quit and quitters don't win...and seeeeend me the moneyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Definitely drunk! Congrats to Sanna!


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