Monday, May 07, 2007

Bankroll Management

STRIP #116
A bunch of players from the PokerXFactor forums decided to stake me this week for the Sunday Million on PokerStars (weekly $1 million guaranteed event) and after about three hours of play I busted short of the money when my pocket kings lost to pocket jacks, all-in pre-flop, in a hand that would have put me well above the average stack. About 25 different people staked me (they bought $5 shares) and tons more came by to show their support on the rail. Thanks to all of them and I really wish those kings held up, but oh well, that's poker.

So I had an exciting Sunday, and I also had an exciting Saturday, which was when I did my first official in store comic book signing since 1995, signing copies of the first issue of Last Blood, the horror comic that I write. It was at the Golden Apple comic shop in Los Angeles and here's the signing info from their site. It's one of the biggest comic book stores in the world and I even met a couple +EV fans and gave away some of those books, since it was Free Comic Book Day. I probably should have mentioned the signing in my blog post on Friday so the local readers could have checked it out, but I mostly just thought of it as a Last Blood event.

We also had yet another fun +EV tourney yesterday, with Harrykaka busting me for the bounty and squid300 taking down the event and the comic book that goes along with it!


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