Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Best Bad Beat Story Ever

STRIP #105
I like this one, and I have to give credit to Keith (kwdidion from the PokerXFactor forums) for the final line. I met up with him and some other PXF subscribers in Vegas (four hour drive) a few weeks ago to play some poker and after he busted out of a tourney at the Sahara, he said Violet's final line, or close enough at least.

Speaking of PokerXFactor, I finished third (out of 231) in their monthly subscriber tournament on Monday night, after being the chip leader for most of the final table. I took a bad beat of my own (A9 vs. K4, all-in pre-flop) when it was 3-handed to cripple me, then lost to the same person with my K4 vs. his AT to bust out. Badly wanted to win that one and felt it was my time. It's my new best finish in the montly PXF tourney after having finished fourth in September, where I busted in a similar fashion, as I recall.

If you'd like to see the animated hand history of Monday's tourney, click here. You'll have to sign up for a FREE PokerXFactor account to see it. I had some very cool stats for the tourney, like this one: I saw only 40 flops, but won 89 hands, including winning 68 of those pre-flop. Gotta be the first time I've ever won more than twice as many hands as flops seen. It used to be a goal of mine for every tournament to win more hands than flops seen, but I never thought I'd be able to win TWICE as many.


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