Monday, December 10, 2007

Higher Power

STRIP #202
Look, a new strip! Thanks to +EV fan JB for suggesting the basic concept for this one!

And hey, +EV is now in German too, joining Hungarian, Russian, Polish, and Bulgarian! I'm told many others are on the way! And there are probably some others out there already that I'm unaware of.

Also, everyone must watch this. Not a RickRoll! You'll will thank me later! Thanks to a fan named Mega who e-mailed that to me!

In other news, another comic I write, Last Blood, completed its first graphic novel over the weekend, which is a big reason for why we missed two +EV updates last week, as I was extremely busy finishing that up. A Last Blood sequel will start soon, though! It's the most popular horror comic online by far now, so you should check it out if you haven't yet!

And in even more news, this time actually poker related, I won over $600 early this morning in heads up cash games on Full Tilt Poker. Thanks to shipurstack for running very poorly against me!


Blogger DJDiaper said...

And in other news...
DJDiaper won the 63rd (64th??) edition of the +EV tournament last sunday!

Lol, nice one, I liked it today

12/11/2007 1:44 AM  

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