Monday, July 23, 2007


STRIP #148
This strip is in reference to the recent scandal over the real identity of four6suited, the #12 ranked player on PocketFives. Turns out she doesn't exist and was just an invention of Luke Vrable, known as Darvin HAM on P5s. He created her in order to more easily talk to top players and get poker advice from them, with the help of fake sexy photos as well. But as the story unfolds we've learned that not only did he want poker advice from them, but he also wanted other players to stake four6suited, someone who doesn't exist, in live events, like at the World Series of Poker. At least one player staked four6suited $3,000 to play in a WSOP event, and Luke had no intentions of returning that money before he was caught in this lie. Luke is a cheater and a thief and I hope all his money is confiscated from the poker sites and his accounts closed. Here's the nearly 800 post long thread that started it all, but there are many others throughout P5s with new info.


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