Monday, January 29, 2007

Wide Range

Wikipedia's poker terms page defines Hollywood as: "Overt acting to deceive other players. Karl had a big smile when he bet, but it seemed too Hollywood to me, so I called anyway. Also refers to taking excessive time to act — a common suspense-building feature of movies which highly irritates other players when carried out in real life." Clancy's the best.

There's a really good interview with Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke on PocketFives right now that I suggest you all check out.

Had another fun +EV tourney on Sunday. It was HORSE this week, and SurfChix knocked me out on the bubble for the bounty and smallSEK won the tournament and the comic book that goes along with it.

Oh, and you can now comment again directly to these posts below. Too many spammers in the forums.


Blogger Blade said...

me and my gf go back and forth on your strips, "Hey this one's about you!" "Hey this one's about YOU!" "Oh, there's both of us!" .. it's hilarious. I love this comic.

1/30/2007 12:23 AM  

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